Chapter 340 The Hero Is Old

In the previous years, after the eight prescriptions were demonstrated, the second one would soon enter the climax, which was the climax of the prescription competition.

But today, people in high spirits found that the twelve judges on the judges' seats on the platform did not immediately sit down. Instead, they were discussing something in low voices. When they talked, they occasionally looked at a certain place under the platform.

The astute doctors in the meeting found that these seniors were looking at the young man named Zhuang Lin.

Under the stage, Zhuang Lin naturally felt the gazes of the heads of the families. It seemed that the topic of these old doctors of Grand Xia Medicine had something to do with him.

"Maybe they want you to take part in the final competition," Kong Qinghua said to Zhuang Lin in a low voice after thinking for a while. After all, girls were most careful.

Hearing Kong Qinghua's words, Zhuang Lin was startled. Then, with a wry smile, he shook his head. Kong
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