Chapter 379 Rubbing His Face Against the Ground

When Zhuang Lin's eyes fell on those gangsters from Black Leather, these gangsters felt a burst of panic in their hearts, and some of them trembled and begged for mercy, "Brother, Brother, we know we are in the wrong. You are magnanimous. Please spare us."

At this time, there was a rush of footsteps in the corridor outside the cell room. Several policemen's curses could be heard.

These voices came from afar and finally stopped at the door of the cell. Several policemen opened the iron door of the cell with keys and squeezed in with batons in their hands.

After the fierce police officers rushed into the cell room, they grabbed their batons and rushed forward. Without saying a word, they surrounded Zhuang Lin. It seemed that they were going to attack him.

The leader asked as he looked at the hoodlums, "What's wrong with Black Leather?"

Those ruffians were trembling and scared out of their wits. When they saw these policemen coming in, they immediately plucked up their courage and point
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