Chapter 380 Gunshots from the Prison Room

Right at this moment, a wave of clamorous footsteps sounded out from the distance in the corridor. And the sound was extremely hurried. These people were running swiftly. There were many of them. There were at least 10 of them.

In just more than 10 seconds, figures flashed at the door of the cell. Several men in police uniforms rushed in from outside, led by Li Sanlai.

Li Sanlai squinted when he saw the policemen lying on the floor. His right hand touched the left side of his thigh intentionally or otherwise as he shouted at Zhuang Lin, "Zhuang Lin, you scumbag. How dare you attack a policeman?"

In the mess, Zhuang Lin squatted down and was still patting his smooth face with his right hand. When he heard Li Sanlai's shout, he turned his head and looked calmly with a cold face.

"Zhuang Lin, I order you to release Captain Zhang immediately and lay on the ground with your hands on your head." Li Sanlai was standing at the door. Except for two or three police officers who could enter and
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