Chapter 400 That Thing

"Aouuuu..." A miserable cry broke the oasis's silence. The sudden and horrifying cry woke everyone up from their deep sleep.

Zhuang Lin suddenly sat up from his sleeping bag. Kong Qinghua, who was sleeping soundly in his arms, was also awake.

That thing came here after all.

When he heard the anguished howls outside, he knew where the feeling of being spied upon came from.

He got up, put on the down jacket, and ran out of the tent while telling Kong Qinghua, "Stay in the tent. Don't go out. I'll be back soon."

By the time he exited the tent, Mountain Wolf and the others had emerged as well. Every one of them had grim expressions on their faces as they stood at different positions. With the night-vision goggles in their hands, they were searching for their targets.

"Bang!" A deep gunshot once again broke the silence of the desert oasis. What had happened? Mountain Wolf had fired.

“Bang!” Following that, a gunshot rang out. The Little Mountain Wolf who was half-kneeling on the ground whi
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What happened with the author of this novel?
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Anabelle Andujar
update this please we pay alot to be cut it like this
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When are you releasing updates for this book? After spending so much money to read this book, not finishing it will be an anticlimax and that will necessitate a refund!
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