Kendo Mad God
Kendo Mad God
Author: Zhou Jia San Shao

Chapter 1

In the Sky Saint Continent, Skydragon Empire, outside of the Meteor Forest.

A shrill scream streaked across the air.

Tang Tian felt as if his head had been hit hard, with deep pain in his bones.

Within a few second, the pain spread through all over his body immediately, just like an electric shock.


Tang Tian couldn't help screaming.

There was a horrible fat face.

A ferocious and cruel smile appeared on that face!

"Damn, what the hell is this?"

The face was so close that Tang Tian was startled and punched into the face without thinking.

"Ah, damn it!" The other side covered his eyes and screamed more miserably than a pig being slaughtered.

Being caught off guard, his eyes were congested and became even uglier.

“I can’t believe he’s still alive. How come a useless Pulse Refining stage trash dares to hit me?” The fat face belonged to a fifteen-year-old young man.

There were three teenagers surrounding at him screaming furiously.

“He dares to fight back? Let me teach him a lesson! Attack!”

One of the boys with rat-like eyes shouted at the top of his voice.

Before Tang Tian could react, he was punched heavily in the face, then a stream of blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth.

He staggered and fell directly on the ground.


Tang Tian groaned, and his stomach got kicked hard. His whole body seemed like to fall apart.

Next, he was kicked out and directly smashed to a large tree and his whole body got covered by leaves. He was so miserable and his face was distorted.


Tang Tian knew that although he was just reborn he was beaten badly.

They even ganged up!


Tang Tian pulled himself together and struggled to get up.

“Sun Zihang, you clearly beat him to death earlier. How come this trash is still able to stand up?”

The fat guy was furious seeing Tang Tian struggling to his feet, and yelled.

The reason why they tricked “Tang Tian” to come to remote corner of the Meteor Forest was to kill him.

When everyone thought that “Tang Tian had been beaten to death, they were about to leave, they were shocked by the sudden scream.

Tang Tian was in rage. As a top alchemist, no one was dare to treat him so disrespectfully like this

“Why did you hit me?” Although he was furious, Tang Tian still wanted to find out the reason.

“Trying to play dumb with me? Beat him to death! How come a trash like you deserves Stella?”

Young Master Lin covered his eyes and champed with rage.

“Yuexi? Qin Yuexi?”

The name sounds strange but familiar to Tang Tian that he blurted it out.

Suddenly lots of memories that did not belong to him came up in his mind, and those memories belonged to this body when it was alive.

This body was also called ’Tang Tian’, the son of Patterson family of Meteor City and Stella was his fiancee?

Due to the emergent situation, he had to deal with the trouble in front of him first with no time to think.

“All of you...are...courting...death!”

Tang Tian spat out each word through gritted teeth.

Tang Tian, who was about to erupt, was instantly stunned.

“My cultivation? Mid level of Pulse Refining stage?”

The corner of Tang Tian’s mouth was twitched.

The most basic realm for a cultivator was the Pulse Refining stage, followed by the Blood Burning stage, Bone Forging stage, Hidden Palace stage, Out-of-Body stage...

Shouldn’t he possess extraordinary cultivation?

After his rebirth, he fell into a lower level of Pulse Refining Stage.

Tang Tian felt there was nothing in his belly, and pitifully few energy. He couldn’t help yelling, “Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?”

Sun Zihang did not care what Tang Tian was thinking. He was full of energy and momentum, and he rushed forward to Tang Tian.

Although Tang Tian has lost his powerful cultivation, he was still an experienced expert. Thus, he should be able to handle his enemies...

However, before he could dodge, he got firmly punched in the chest several times and he was seriously injured and laid on the ground, unable to move.

Since there was a huge difference between the mid-level of Pulse Refining stage and the beginning level of Blood Burning stage, once he was heavily injured, he could do nothing but only passively got beaten.

Without second thought, as Tang Tian could see, a foot fell from with deadly momentum.

“You trash, go to hell!”

As Sun Zihang saw that Tang Tian could no longer resist, as if Tang Tian’s head was blown out and the blood splashed, he laughed very happily.

"Screw you! Do you really think I'm a push-over? Go to hell!"

Tang Tian roared angrily and immediately held Sun Zihang’s leg without dodging.

However, Sun Zihang’s kick was full of tremendous strength, causing Tang Tian to break several ribs in an instant and spit out blood.

“You want me to die? You die first!”

Tang Tian hold the pain and pulled Sun Zihang’s leg with all his might.

“Crack.” There was a crisp sound.

Sun Zihang screamed, and one of his legs was torn off.

His blood sprayed and splashed onto Tang Tian 's face and made Tang Tian’s appearance very ferocious, just like a devil.


Lin's face took on a ghastly expression, and he hurriedly shouted, "Attack together!"

Who could imagine that trash who was in the Pulse Refining stage could cripple Sun Zihang, who was in the Blood Burning stage?

When they rushed over, Tang Tian had already climbed up on his feet, with his lips widely opened and a wicked smile on his face.

He had already died once anyway. There was nothing he could fear?

He was the first coming up in front of another young man who threw a punch on Tang Tian.

Tang Tian dodged to the side with great difficulty, and then grabbed his opponent’s arm, and snapped it with a hard twist.

However, he could not contend against two and couldn't avoid the attacks of Lin and another young man.

“Let’s see how you live this time!”

Lin kicked right into Tang Tian’s belly and tried to take him down first so he could not fight back.

As he was at the middle level of the Blood Burning Stage, his kick was fast and fierce.

Tang Tian felt that his belly had been hit by a powerful force, and his whole body seemed to be torn apart by the heart-wrenching pain.

Right at the most desperate moment, an extremely ancient aura surged out from the depths of his body.

With his belly as the center, a tremendous and terrifying force burst out through his pulse and quickly spread throughout his body.

This force was like the awakening of a slumbering Ancient Era’s ferocious beast as well as the flushing out of flood when the floodgate was opened, instantly rushed out of his body and spread out everywhere.

Lin, who was closest to Tang Tian, was the first one hit by the force, and the horrible force instantly spread from his feet to his whole body.

With a crisp sound, Lin's body was broken like fine china.

He was instantly vanished like powder.

After witnessed Lin’s vanish in a snap, Sun Zihang and his remaining fellows, who used to think Tang Tian, would die undoubtedly, their smiles instantly froze.

A terrifyingly violent power engulfed the remaining three.

With still a smile and excitement on their faces, their bodies cracks rapidly and, turned into dust.

Tang Tian, who was lying on the ground at the beginning, started to float in the air, within several feet above the ground.

Along with the spreading and growing of the power, a vague pagoda shadow emerged from Tang Tian’s body.

There was a mysterious pagoda in Tang Tian’s body, which burst out enormous power and saved his life.

Lin and the others just died under the power of pagoda.

As the crisis was resolved, the power contracted and gradually forming a protect shield.

It seemed as if it has transformed into a space that enveloped heavily injured Tang Tian, and then it isolated and disappeared from the Meteor Forest to the point it was impossible to find out exactly what was going on.
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