Chapter 3

The ‘go home’ that Tang Tian speaking of was definitely the Tang Family in Meteor City!

With the memories of this body, he had a clear understanding of Meteor City.

It was located at the edge of the Meteor City and was 50 kilometers away Meteor Forest.

The reason why Lin Baoquan, who was called Young Master Lin, kidnapped Tang Tian from Meteor City to here was to kill him!

The Tang family and the Qin family were connected by marriage fifteen years ago. The Tang family’s young master, Tang Tian, was engaged to the Qin family’s eldest daughter, Qin Yuexi.

There were four major families in Meteor City, the Tang Family, the Qin Family, the Lin Family, and the Ye Family.

As to Lin Baoquan, he was the third Young Master of the Lin Family.

Being in the admiration for Qin Yuexi, he had been brooding over this marriage and tried every way to get rid of Tang Tian.

Tang Tian shook his head and sighed, “They’ve already been destroyed. This can be considered as the revenge for you.”

From now on, Tang Tian would live in this world as “him”!

Meteor City was not very aboard or prosperous. At least, in Tang Tian’s eyes, it was only a small city with an ancient and vicissitude aura.

According to his memories, Tang Tian slowly made his way to the Tang Family after entering the city.

Seeing Tang Tian return, the two guards standing outside the Tang Family’s door, revealed unconcealed contempt in their eyes.

Everyone in the Tang Family knew this trash young master.

At the age of fifteen, he was only at the middle level of Pulse Refining Stage. He was clearly a piece of trash!

In this world where strength was respected, strength was the original sin that others looked down on!

The two guards showed no sign of fear towards Tang Tian, the son of their Family. One of the more sturdy guards sneered, “Young Master, it’s better if you don’t go in now.”


Tang Tian took note of the two guards’ attitude, under his memories, he wasn’t surprised at all.

The original young master of Tang Family was weak at appearance, but with a strong heart.

As an alchemist who had earned everyone’s respect in his previous life, Tang Tian's temper was totally different from the original Tang Tian.

“The Patriarch is currently meeting the Qin Family Patriarch and its Eldest Young Miss. If the Young Master goes inside now, I’m afraid you’ll find yourself with humiliation...”

Another tall and skinny guard took a sidelong glance at Tang Tian with obviously rudeness in his eyes.

Perhaps because of his rebirth, Tang Tian’s cultivation was extremely powerful so that he could see through the cultivation of the two guards in front of him.

How could guards at the high level of the Blood Incinerating Stage be so arrogant and condescending?

The two guards’ gazes were filled with disrespect. They simply did not take a trashy young master seriously at all.

Just as he was about to brag, the burly guard felt his neck tighten.

Having been reborn as a loser, Tang Tian was already very unhappy. Now that he met such a snobbish guy, how could he bear it?

After opening up the 108 Hidden Meridians, the Origin Energy contained within his body had surpassed that of an ordinary cultivator by more than ten times.

With Tang Tian’s current strength, fighting against an ordinary high-level Blood Burning Realm cultivator was no problem at all.

Before the muscular guard could react, Tang Tian had already grabbed him by the neck and smashed him on the ground.

*boom* With a huge explosion, the ground trembled.

Looking at the violent Tang Tian in front of him, the other guard was shocked.

He really couldn't figure it out why a good-for-nothing in the Meridian Refining Stage could beat down a high-level Blood Burning Stage cultivator.

Tang Tian threw the guard away on the ground like throwing a dead dog away, said calmly, “I’ll teach you a lesson and let you know what it means by order. A guard should have the awareness of being a guard.”

“We... we are under Young Master Feng, you... you will regret this... ah!”

Before he could finish his words, he was trampled underfoot and spat out a mouthful of blood.

A cold light flashed in Tang Tian's eyes. The "Young Master Feng" was his uncle's son, Tang Feng.

He was one year older than him, but his strength was already at the middle level of Bone Forging Stage. He possessed an extremely outstanding talent among the Meteor City!

Thanks to the “Tang Feng”, Tang Tian had suffered a lot of "care".

The other guard’s entire body was trembling, how could he dare to make a move?

Tang Tian couldn’t be bothered to waste time on these people. Just now, he found out that his father in this life was receiving the Qin Family Patriarch and his nominal fiancée?

However, Tang Tian did not take it to heart. In this new life, he just wanted to improve his cultivation and go back to the original world to take revenge!

In his new life, he came to the "new" home and he was in a good mood. He decided to go back to his place to sleep first.

Just on his halfway there, a gray-clothed old man appeared, blocking Tang Tian’s way.

“Young Master, the Patriarch asked me to notify you that we’re going to the main hall.”

The gray clothed old man was with slightly hunched back, low voice, and turbid eyes. He was supporting himself with a black walking stick.

"Oh... Ok, thank you, Grandpa Li."

Tang Tian nodded. From what he remembered, this old man was his father's most loyal servant. No one knew his name, only his surname was Li.

No one noticed that when the grey clothed old man saw him, a wisp of bright light flashed within his muddy eyes.

A group of people were sitting in the Tang Family’s main hall.

The person sitting on the seat of honor was the Tang Family’s Family Patriarch, Tang Lingyun. He had a square-shaped face and a very imposing appearance.

As the number one expert of the Tang Family, his cultivation was at the middle level of Out-of-Body Stage.

There was a thin middle-aged man sitting on the left. He stroked his beard and narrowed his eyes slightly. Without saying a word, he lowered his head and tasted the fragrant tea in the teacup.

The person was Tang Tian’s uncle, Tang Feng’s father, Tang Xiaohai, and his cultivation was at the middle level of the Hidden Palace Stage.

On the right sat a burly middle-aged man with a somewhat fierce appearance. It was the Qin clan's clan master, Qin Tiande.

Standing behind him, there was a beautiful girl with arrogance in her beautiful eyes, as if she would never care about anyone or anything.

She was the daughter of the Qin family, Qin Yuexi.

“Brother Tang, we are just trying to kill time by drinking tea like this. Why don’t we cut straight to the chase? We’ve brought our daughter here today to cancel the marriage!”

Qin Tiande's expression showed indifferent.

Tang Lingyun raised his eyebrows and he had already known the purpose of their visit right at the moment they arrived. However, he did not expect them to be this ruthless.

His son, Tang Tian, was well-known loser in the entire Meteor City.

It was absolutely normal thing that the engagement would be canceled.

However, the broken-off of the engagement would definitely humiliate the whole Tang Family.

“Brother Qin, you and my brother have been through thick and thin together. That’s why you made this engagement as a child. It won’t be good for the Qin Family’s reputation if you cancel the engagement just because my nephew’s cultivation isn’t good enough, will it?”

Before Tang Lingyun could speak, Tang Xiaohai said coldly.

Qin Yuexi rushed to say, “If we don’t cancel the engagement, the only ones that will be ridiculed in Meteor City will be our Qin Family. It’s fine if his cultivation isn’t good enough, but he is still a piece of trash! How can we accept this? How can I accept a piece of trash, who got laughed at by everyone to be my man?”


Qin Tiande reprimanded him, but the smile on his face showed that he did not blame him at all. "You spoke without any filter. Hurry up and apologize to the Tang family master."

Right at this moment, an indifferent voice resounded in the hall.

“Do you have any shame?”

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