Chapter 27

“What the heck? What kind of a high Bone Forging demon beast is this? Even the Treasure house shouldn’t be this terrifying!”

Tang Tian cursed in his heart. It was no wonder that there were Heavenly Thunder Vines and Thunder Sakura Flowers in the Heavenly Thunder Valley, but no demonic beasts or human cultivators dared to have any ideas.

Even if a Concealed Realm expert encountered a frenzied Heavenly Thunder Python, only death awaited him!

“Brat, be careful. That ball of lightning behind you is the Heavenly Thunder Python’s innate Battle Skill. If you are struck, you’ll lose half your life.”

Fan Siren’s voice was a little grave. The strength of this snake had exceeded common sense.

“Master Fan, can’t you make a move?”

Tang Tian was filled with anticipation. With Grandpa Fan’s strength, what was a mere Thunder Python?

Who would have thought that Old Master Fan would snort coldly. “Kid, don’t count on others, especially when you are in a life or death situation. This is the best w
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