Chapter 30

Ye Ruxue had been staring at Tang Tian in a daze. However, he took out an even more precious Dragon King Ginseng and gave it to Xiaolei.

Even she felt that Tang Tian was very generous. If such a precious spiritual herb were to be found in Meteor City, it would definitely cause a lot of people to fight over it.

As for this man before her, it was as though he was giving a carrot to a yao beast as a snack.

Unexpectedly, Tang Tian's eyes fell on her.

She, who was originally as cold as ice and snow, could not help but panic a little. How did she look like a strong person in the Hidden Mansion Realm?

“Congratulations, Miss Ye. You’re now a master of the Hidden Mansion.”

Tang Tian congratulated him from the bottom of his heart.

With his current cultivation technique, with such harsh requirements, it was truly hard to tell when he would be able to reach the Hidden Palace stage.

It was fine to train in the Immemorial Starfield, but the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Lightning Art had relativ
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