Chapter 62

“Xing Zhan, I’ve already left, yet you still treat me like this.’re going too far!” Weng Yuan’s expression turned grim as he roared furiously.

What kind of joke was that? Xing Zhan’s strength was terrifying to begin with, and he was two minor Stages higher than him.

Xing Zhan could have killed him in a second.

“Going too far? With your cultivation base at the Out-of-Body stage, why do you still feel like it’s natural for you to make things difficult for an early Bone Forging junior? This time, I’ll give the Meteor Sect face and teach you a lesson.”

Xing Zhan coldly humphed. The spear in his hand did not stop at all as it thrust toward Weng Yuan who was rapidly fleeing for his life.

Heaven and earth changed color as this spear thrust forth, crushing down on Weng Yuan with all the momentum beneath the heavens.

Weng Yuan's face turned pale with horror. His speed was really not as fast as his opponent's attack speed.

In his haste, all he could do was turn around and cast M
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