Chapter 84

"Boy, I have good news to tell you."

Fan Siren’s voice was filled with schadenfreude.

“What’s the good news, Master Fan?”

Tang Tian was a little skeptical. After all, it wasn’t like Master Fan was unreliable.

“Thirty-three experts are trying to shrink the search radius. Make your move if you don’t want to be a dumpling.”

Fan Siren reminded him kindly.

Tang Tian almost couldn’t catch his breath. He said angrily, “Master Fan, you’re kidding me! How is this good news? You’re trying to kill me!”

Fan Simin leisurely said, “How can it not be good news? If only one or two or a dozen people came, how would you temper yourself? Furthermore, if you kill all of these Hidden Mansion disciples that attacked you, they will definitely have a lot of valuables in their storage pouches as disciples of the Meteor Sect.”

With that, Tang Tian’s eyes lit up.

"That's right. Why didn't I figure it out? The older the ginger, the spicier it is!"

Tang Tian was overjoyed. He had just been reborn into th
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