Chapter 95

In the forest, Tang Tian could not help but gasp. It turned out to be an Out-of-Body stage Scarlet Blood Tiger.

Back then, he had lied that Lin Bao had all died at the hands of the Scarlet Blood Tiger. Who would have thought that the wheel of fortune had turned and that he would really run into it?

“Junior brother, you should run away first. We’ll lure him away separately. You’re the weakest, you’ll be dead without a doubt if you get embroiled in the fight.”

Sun Zhiling furrowed her eyebrows as she hastily replied.

This was indeed a good opportunity to escape from the three girls, but Tang Tian was a little hesitant.

After all, Sun Zhiling and the other two girls treated him quite well without knowing his identity.

If she left just like that, it would be difficult for her to be at ease for the rest of her life.

A sword cultivator’s every word and action didn’t go against his heart.

"Three Senior Sisters, you go first. I'll lure him away!"

Holding onto a sword, Tang Tian was ju
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