Chapter 116

Tang Tian extended a hand and caught the gold plate. Lowering his head, he saw a golden dragon embroidered on it.

Underneath the golden dragon was the character "Yan" inscribed on it.

This was the exclusive token of the Prime Minister of Sky Dragon Empire. In the future, when Tang Tian held this token, he could meet Yan Shibo.

“Lord Tang, congratulations.”

Xing Zhan cupped his hands together and smiled. This brat’s temper was really to his type.

"General, you're being too polite!"

Tang Tian cupped his hands in return. The reason why Yan Shibo looked up to him so highly was not only himself, but also this General Xing Zhan.

Although he usually behaved a little arrogantly, he was not an unreasonable person.

Kindness was always returned tenfold.

Yan Shibo was the most straightforward to leave. After flinging the gold medal, he swaggered off, with Xing Zhan and other people from Sky Dragon Empire following closely behind.

There was another meaning of giving Tang Tian this gold
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