Chapter 130

Tang Tian hurriedly knelt down and said respectfully, "Master, please accept my bow!"

“Haha, good, good disciple, rise. Since we’ve already knelt here, there’s no need for the ceremony anymore. This is a congratulatory gift from your master.”

Xiao Yiran waved his hand, and the two rings floated in the air, emitting faint light.

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up. He was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the rings was exquisite. It was obvious that it was for Ye Ruxue.

The other was a ring decorated with stars, simple and deep.

“These two interspatial rings are called the Starnet Ring, and the Moonstar Ring are both high grade ancient spirit artifacts. Apart from storing items, they can also be connected to each other by heart, so that you two can sense each other within a certain distance.”

Xiao Yiran said those words in front of everyone.

He then sent a message to Tang Tian. “Disciple, don’t reveal your wealth. Your master will tell you now that these two rings had a chance of evolv
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