Chapter 160

“That’s not good!”

Cheng Yushan's face changed in a sudden. As soon as he felt the horrible killing intent, he immediately took action to stop the Tang Sect's killers.

Tang Tian was covered by green light, but he was only at the high level of the Hidden Palace Stage. How could he defeat Tang Tian, a weak alchemist?

Tang Tian didn't even look at it. He waved his hand casually and blocked the green light. At the same time, everyone heard a crisp cracking sound.


Even until his death, Lin Mu still had an incredulous look on his face.

Tang Tian carelessly threw Lin Mu’s corpse in front of Cheng Yushan and laughed coldly, “I said he was wrong, what do you think?”

In this world, whoever had the bigger fist had the most reason.

“What kind of joke is that? Have you ever seen a weakling trying to reason with an expert? Do experts really listen?

Only the strong would carry out orders from the weak unconditionally.

Order was established by the strong.

Rules were made by the str
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