Chapter 190

Zhijin spat out a mouthful of blood and shattered the golden light.

The entire crowd was completely silent as they looked at the youth who stood with a sword in his hand.

Is this really an initial level of Hidden Palace Stage cultivator? Everyone couldn’t help but wonder.

Zhijin had a dejected expression. Did he lose to an inner disciple or an inner disciple?

“No! This is absolutely impossible!”

Zhijin felt everything turning dark while shouting crazily. He didn’t care about running for his life and rushed for Tang Tian with his saber.

“Is this Zhao Zhijin crazy?”

“That’s right, he’s clearly putting his life on the line. If something is to happen to Tang Tian, wouldn’t he be afraid of Sectmaster blaming him?”

"He has lost all his face now, but he is still so shameless. Alas, how could there be such a shameful thing among our successor disciples?"

The heir disciples watching the show shook their heads. However, none of them were willing to help.

They were more than happy to se
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