Chapter 202

Yang Ya-Qiu didn’t know what to say.

Sun Zhiling said with a serious look: "After this period of cultivation, my cultivation has also stepped into the middle stage of the Concealed Mansion Stage. If I can remain in top ten in the sect competition and then cultivate in that secret Stage, we should have a chance to enter the Out-of-Body Stage and be promoted to an inherited disciple."

Yang Yaqiu nodded her head and firmly said: “Sister Zhiling, the three of us will advance and retreat together. We will definitely be able to become genuine disciples!”

Sun Zhiling nodded and said: "Tang Tian treats us well. I'm afraid he doesn't know about this yet. I hope he can finish his cultivation as soon as possible so that we can talk to him."

Yang Yaqiu covered her mouth and laughed. “Sister Zhiling, you’re missing him. He’s so strong already. Even if he doesn’t participate in the sect competition, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a true disciple.”

“Fine, Yaqiu. Stop making jokes a
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