Chapter 204

Tang Tian, who was nervous, received a light word from Ye Ruxue: "Yes!"

“It’s over!”

Tang Tian’s expression changed, he knew that Ye Ruxue was angry..

In the residence of Feng Zhen and Shui Yueyun, on the westside of Star Gathering Peak, there was a peak called Water Moon Peak.

Tang Tian came to the square and entered the Teleportation Deployment. With a flash of brilliance, he appeared beside the Teleportation Deployment on the Water Moon Peak in a few breaths.


The first thing Tang Tian saw was Ye Ruxue's cold face. She looked at him and snorted softly.

“Hehe, wife, let me tell you something. I haven’t been going anywhere recently. It’s just that my training is a little crazy...”

Seeing that Ye Ruxue was really angry, he rushed forward and hugged her to explain.


When Tang Tian saw that Ye Ruxue was not responding, he became a little anxious. However, Ye Ruxue was as indifferent as an iceberg.

In the Domain of the Meteors, Fan Siren could not help but laugh w
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