Chapter 208

Compared to the eighth ranked Jin Yifan who had died at Tang Tian’s hands, the difference was immense.

“I’ll leave the cleaning to you. I can’t. I’m afraid.”

Yang Ya-Qiu spread her hands. Whether Tang Tian was willing or not, it was tacit agreement.

Tang Tian’s mind was filled with black lines. Someone capable of killing a Black Cloud Leopard was actually saying that he was afraid of cutting open a Black Cloud Leopard’s stomach?

"When you eat meat, why do you keep calling it delicious?"

Tang Tian looked at Sun Zhiling and then looked at Chen Yulan, full of expectation. He looked at the body of the Black Cloud Panther on the ground and said helplessly, "Well, please wait for a while, senior sisters."

As he spoke, Tang Tian carried the Cloud Leopard’s corpse to a remote corner and began to skin it, pull out its tendons, and cut open its stomach.

Tang Tian moved nimbly. At the same time, he took out the Purple Smoke Furnace to stew meat soup.

If Lin Jiliang knew that his precious
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