Chapter 242

Chen Yulan’s array was just too profound. This madman, Yang Ya-Qiu, was unable to do anything at all and was firmly restricted by the array.

Yang Yaqiu felt wronged. After being trapped in the end, she could only purse her lips and admit defeat.

Ye Ruxue and Yang Yaqiu fought again. This time, these two women really went all out, causing the sky to darken and the swords to flash. It was quite an exciting fight.

In the end, it was Yang Yaqiu who lost. Despite her explosive power and terrifying offensive potential, she couldn’t keep up with Ye Ruxue.

Just her speed alone was enough to crush Yaqiu.

Yaqiu had a mental breakdown after losing to Ye Ruxue. It looked like she was still lacking in power.

In the end, Tang Tian, Sun Zhiling, and Chen Zhiling fought separately. When Chen Yulan and Sun Zhiling met Tang Tian, they immediately chose to admit defeat and were not willing to fight with Tang Tian at all.

When Chen Yulan faced Sun Zhiling, she also chose to admit defeat.

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