Chapter 252

Now that Tang Tian was practicing the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Lightning Art, he was no longer the same as before. The strength of his lightning had become much stronger.


When the blue thunderbolt spurts out in front of him, there is unexpectedly friction.

“He went in!”

Tang Tian clenched his teeth and sank into the lake of lightning.

"I... I... I..."

As soon as Tang Tian entered the lightning lake, he was instantly submerged by the water-blue lightning.

In the distance, Ye Ruxue and the others were very nervous. They could vaguely see a green figure standing in the lightning, but then there was no one else...


Ye Ruxue’s heart was trembling with worry, but there was nothing she could do.

Although they hadn't been together for very long, their hearts were connected, and they knew each other the best.

Ye Ruxue knew that although Tang Tian usually played along with her, he was a very opinionated and stubborn person.

Once he had made up his mind, he woul
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