Chapter 262

Otherwise, if he waited until he ran out of spiritual thunder, he would lose even more miserably!

Forefather Illusory Demon cackled. “The only thing you can rely on right now is the formation and your attribute. I was born to be its bane. I’ve studied it to this degree.”

“Hu la...”

Inside the Illusory Demon Mysterious Stage. Scenes were playing out from all over the place nonstop. The Illusory Demon Clansmen and many demonic clansmen were being crushed into dust in an instant. They turned into strands of white mist that rapidly surged toward the lightning lake.

“The strength of the soul...”

The expression of the Spiritual Thunder of Water also changed.

If the power surging outside was not below the out-of-body level, it would be no problem to be destroyed directly.

Especially in front of the Heavenly Water Spirit Thunder, there would be a powerful formation blocking it. Unless one reached the Natal Opening Stage!

But the forefather had plotted and schemed for countless years. H
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