Chapter 267

“What are you scared of? I don’t have the habit of throwing up what I’ve already gotten my hands on. What’s there to worry about? A demon brat wants to take something from me? I could kill him in the blink of an eye if I didn’t teach him a lesson!”

Master Fan snorted and said nothing more.

This time, he would absolutely not allow Tang Tianhao to act recklessly. If this kid caused an uncontrollable ruckus, he would be the unlucky one!

Tang Tian’s expression was helpless. In the eyes of others, someone as powerful as Forefather Illusory Demon was nothing more than a demon brat in the eyes of Master Fan...

What would his enemies think if they found out?

“Haha, kid, you’re tired of living if you’re trying to absorb my soul energy. How about it? Is your soul almost at the great circle of empyrean Stage? I’ll kill you if I have to! You’re a thorn in the demon race’s side with your talent. It’s worth destroying your foundation and your life!”

Given his cultivation level, he could clearl
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