Chapter 270

Tang Tian naturally didn’t know what Lord Fan had said in the Burial Starfield.

As his soul was constantly bombarded and tempered by the lightning powers, Tang Tian had originally sensed something missing from his soul. Thus, his soul had become lighter.

“Ugh, my soul has shrunk by a couple of inches...”

Tang Tian sighed. His soul was not tall to begin with. Yet, it now resembled a carrot. It was a somewhat amusing sight.

“I... ... am I being too harsh on myself?”

Tang Tian began to doubt life...

“A great man cannot be ruthless without poison! Only by being ruthless to oneself can one be ruthless to one’s enemies!”

Tang Tian quickly gritted his teeth and continued absorbing soul power with all his might.

Soul power kept pouring into Tang Tian's soul, which enabled Tang Tian's soul to be consumed, so that the Azurewood Profound Thunder would not use too much strength.

Now that his soul had been tempered, the benefits were even more evident.

Tang Tian felt that his soul became
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