Chapter 280

Tang Tian’s expression was impassive. He looked at the forefather like he was looking at a dead man.

“You’re at death’s door, so I’ll give you a chance. Tell me why you were perfectly fine after absorbing all of my energy.”

Illusory Demon Ancestor’s eyes glimmered with crimson. Recalling Tang Tian’s odd behavior, a sliver of vigilance crept into his heart.

"Why should I tell you? What's the benefit of telling you? Am I living like a turtle like you?"

Tang Tian laughed endlessly with ridicule. How could I expose the secret of the Primordial Pagoda!?

“In that case, you are courting death. Do not blame your ancestor, I. Your ancestor, I, originally wanted to spare your life...”

The forefather was interrupted by Tang Tian’s laughter before he could finish.


The forefather’s face clouded over. He looked at the ants before him and cackled maniacally. Could it be that they could die without restraint?

In his opinion, even if his cultivation fell and he became a high-stage Ou
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