Chapter 365

When Wang Changlin left, he left Tang Tian a storage bag about materials for practicing Taoist Talismans.

Tang Tian spent half a day to grasp the way of talismans. Then, he took out a talisman brush and dyed it with a special sort of vermillion liquid that he had only done before. He began to carefully sketch on the yellow talisman paper.

Whether it was the dao of formations or talismans, they were both a very novel field for Tang Tian.

This was precisely the reason why Tang Tian was so interested in researching it.

The more he studied them, the more Tang Tian felt that the Dao of Formations and Talismans were actually a type of Heavenly Dao!

The power of heaven and earth was displayed through some special means, which was the way of tactical deployments and Taoist Talismans.

As for the other paths of cultivation, they were the same.

“One technique, ten thousand techniques, ten thousand techniques! This kid’s powers of comprehension are simply too perverse!”

In the Domain of th
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