Chapter 006 Hunger

Every nerve that had been numbed returned to normal. The brain that had been surrounded by a powerful force also returned to its clear state of mind. As for the energy that had rushed into his body, it was completely surrounded, digested, and absorbed by the Foundation Bug's power!

Shen Zheng felt that his brain had heard a painful buzzing sound of bugs, but he was not sure if it was a real sound or an illusion. Because the action of "hearing" should have been completed with ears, but he felt that his brain had heard it directly.

It didn't matter. What mattered was that his body had returned to normal.

He instinctively took a few steps back, his left hand clutching his forehead in panic.

There was nothing. The cat-sized bug had crawled in, but there was not even a hole on her head.

"Was that just an illusion?" He couldn't help but think.

"New recruit, are you done vomiting?" A veteran in the distance turned around and shouted at him. "If you're done, then come over and help!"

Shen Zheng looked at the half-charred car again. He looked around hesitantly, then turned around and ran to the veterans.

"Should I tell others what happened earlier?" He calculated in his heart, not daring to be certain.

"If everything is true, what will they do to me? Will they dissect me for research? Will they kill me directly because they are afraid that I will be controlled by the bug and do something to me? If it's just an illusion, won't they have more reasons to laugh at me?"

After weighing the pros and cons, Shen Zheng finally decided not to speak of this matter.

After searching for half an hour, the bug signal on the sensor had disappeared, because those giant bugs that had not completely died, were either killed by the members of the death squad led by Feng Yu, or they had gradually lost their vitality and died.

Feng Yu also informed the other people in the second troop through the communicator, ordering them to stand still and watch out for their surroundings.

"What we need to protect should be this group of people." Feng Yu looked at the dead humans in their army uniforms and sighed. "Unfortunately, we were a step too late."

"Even if we make it in time, there might only be an extra pile of corpses, right?" An old soldier said with a lingering fear. "Captain, look, there are at least four hundred Steel Beetles whose bug strength value exceeds sixty. Even if our troop and the third troop were to attack together, I fear that..."

"Why are there so many powerful Steel Beetles?" Feng Yu furrowed his brow. He could not figure it out, and there was no need to think too much about it. All he could do was to report the results to his commander, Liang Long.

"Let's go back," Liang Long replied, "Search carefully now and see if we can find any useful clues or items."

"Nothing." Feng Yu replied.

Shen Zheng couldn't help but look at the wreckage of the armored truck. Some veterans noticed it and searched it to show that they found nothing.

After hesitating for a while, Shen Zheng still decided not to speak of the matter of the little bug.

"Retreat." Feng Yu gave the order.

Cleaning up the scene and repairing the roads weren't the mission of the corps. The duty of the army was to protect the human race and kill the bugs.

The retreat was fast, because there was no need to pay attention to being discovered by powerful bugs. Soon afterward, the death squad all returned to the fleet without any casualties, while the fleet quickly returned. When they arrived at the location where their third troop was stationed under orders, the soldiers of the second troop all revealed arrogant and disdainful looks.

The soldiers of the third troop lowered their heads, feeling ashamed. In the face of danger, others chose to charge forward while they chose to stay behind. How embarrassing.

The two troops returned to the headquarters, and the soldiers returned to their camp to rest. As for the two troop captains, they returned to the corps commander Liang Long to report.

"I don't have the right to speak." Caters, the captain of the third troop, had a rather gloomy look on his face. "Let Captain Feng Yu speak."

"No one survived." Feng Yu sighed, "They died very miserably. Looking at their military ranks, the soldiers of this troop were all super-class, and their bug strength value should be around 70. The leader was probably on par with you."

"I didn't expect this." Liang Long sighed. "They were a special forces team carrying out a mission to escort them. They were suddenly attacked by powerful bugs half a month ago and powerful bugs attacked them continuously after that. That's why they sent out requests for help and started to move forward more cautiously. They had walked for just half a month on this short journey of dozens of kilometers - you can imagine what sort of bug swarm they were facing..."

"Why is it like this?" Feng Yu frowned.

"Really?" Liang Long did not give up.

"No." Feng Yu shook his head, "What were they transporting?"

"Yeah, I'm curious too..." Liang Long fell silent.

When they were discussing the mysterious plan, Shen Zheng had already returned to his team.

"This is a very lucky operation." After disbanding, Fang He came over and walked side by side with Shen Zheng. "There is no danger at all, but you have a chance to perform. I think your leader seems to think highly of you."

"Then we're lucky." Shen Zheng smiled.

"I've checked the information on the Foundation Bug." Fang He said, "I've been looking for an opportunity to tell you, but training is too bitter, and time is too tight. Your adaptive value is so high that even the Foundation Bug can exert great power within your body. Throughout history, the strongest person to plant the Foundation Bug was over 140 years old, and the quality of his body had increased four times over. I believe with your adaptive value; you should be able to improve even more."

Shen Zheng looked at Fang He and was moved speechlessly. This person did not come to fawn on him when he was a "genius", but was the first one to come to comfort and help him when he was suffering.

"Don't worry, I'll try my best." Shen Zheng didn't voice many words of thanks. He felt that actions were much more important than empty promises of gratitude.

"Let's not talk about it anymore. I have to go back to the team." Fang He bashfully smiled.

Looking at Fang He's leaving figure, Shen Zheng was moved and also felt a little funny—Fang He had a righteous look on his face when he stood up for justice, but he always liked to be shy when he talked to Shen Zheng. He was really a contradictory combination.

After returning the guns to the armory, Shen Zheng walked toward the barracks of the third team while pondering whether the scene was real or just an illusion.

As he passed by the military building, he suddenly felt a sense of hunger, but he didn't mind. There was still more than half an hour left until he left, so he decided to endure the hunger and return to the barracks first.

But the hunger was getting stronger and stronger. Shen Zheng felt as if he had not eaten for more than ten days, and he was about to go crazy from hunger. He couldn't help but be a little scared—was this the sequela caused by the bug entering his body?

At this thought, he couldn't help but shiver.

No matter what, he had to fill his stomach first. This feeling of hunger was really unbearable.

So, he was the first to arrive at the canteen and was the first to get his food. He found a table to sit down and then began to eat without saying anything.

"The reincarnation of a hungry ghost?" The cook in the canteen stared at him from a distance and muttered.

"The third troop just came back from a mission," another cook said, "I can understand."

Shen Zheng didn't hear these words—even if they shouted at the top of their voices, Shen Zheng wouldn't listen to them. At this time, he just wanted to finish this meal as soon as possible to relieve his unbearable hunger.

He wolfed down one catty of rice and two big boxes of dishes in the blink of an eye, but the hunger did not abate at all. He became more anxious and ran to get another bowl of rice. Under the surprised eyes of the cooks, the food was quickly swept away.

"Could this guy be stuffed to death?" A cook whispered, full of worry.

He couldn't eat anymore.

When Shen Zheng put down the empty bowl, he warned himself gritting his teeth. He already felt the swelling pain in his stomach. If he continued to eat, his small internal organs might burst.

But the hunger grew stronger and stronger. He finally understood that this hunger did not come from his digestion system, but from his—brain.

His brain felt hungry. However, this kind of hunger could not be alleviated by the satisfaction of the stomach. Food could do nothing to this kind of hunger.

Uncomfortable, too unbearable. This type of empty and powerless feeling made one not want to endure for another moment, wishing that they could open their mouths and swallow this entire world.

"What's wrong with me?" Shen Zheng asked himself over and over again in his heart, but got no answer.

He staggered out of the canteen. By this time, it was already dark, and it was dinner time. All the soldiers from the various Battalions swarmed towards the canteen, and he quickly made his way back towards the camp.

"Shen Zheng!" Fang He saw him and hastily walked up to him. "Have you finished eating?"

"I'm a little hungry, so I ate first. I'm going back to rest." Shen Zheng forced himself to smile at him. He didn't want Fang He or anyone else to know about his abnormality.

After saying goodbye to Fang He, he walked along the road. Enduring his intense hunger, he slowly disappeared from the sight of the other soldiers. He walked alone on the path to the barracks, staggering.

All of a sudden, a tempting aura made him stop in his tracks. His eyes shone brightly as he turned to look in the direction of the aura.

In the building of the corps headquarters.

"What's that smell?" He was shocked but he couldn't resist. He stared at the building as though it was a delicious cake that could alleviate his hunger.

There were two sentinels standing expressionlessly in front of the tower. Shen Zheng knew that they were just decorations. Anyone who wanted to enter the barracks could do so, but it was impossible for them to do so inside.

Although it was just a form, it still worked. Although Shen Zheng wanted to enter the building and see where the breath that had attracted him had come from, he didn't dare to be brash.

Enduring it, he strode away, not showing any signs of abnormality. Only when he returned to the barracks did he throw himself onto the bed and curl up his body in pain.

The feeling of hunger was still there, so his mind was in the building of the Army Headquarters, which was as attractive as a cake.

Should he go? Should he go?

He was enticed by his own thoughts—he quietly circled around to the back, pried open a piece of glass in a deserted place, and entered the building to find the source of the temptation.

The longer he laid there, the more uncomfortable it felt. He was about to go crazy in his silence. As such, he jumped up again, ran out of the barracks, and ran towards the training grounds.

"Maybe hitting sandbags crazily can relieve this pain?" he thought.

All of a sudden, he stopped because he clearly felt a weak aura.

That aura was the same as that of the building of the headquarters, full of temptation, which he couldn't resist.

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