Chapter 019 Bully

"But..." Feng Yu opened his mouth.

"But..." Caters opened his mouth at the same time.

"Say no more," Liang Long said, "this matter is decided. In a while, we will hold a general assembly to summarize the battle and commend the individual. When the time comes, I will announce this matter. Adjutant, take Shen Zheng to prepare, from his house to his military uniform, and then to other things that I'm not clear about."

"Yes!" The adjutant saluted and walked to Shen Zheng with a smile. "Let's go, Captain Shen."

"This..." Shen Zheng looked at the adjutant in astonishment before turning to Liang Long.

"Don't be silly. You deserve it." Liang Long smiled and waved his hand.

"Many thanks, commander!" Shen Zheng excitedly saluted and followed the adjutant.

"Commander, I feel that you are too inconsiderate about this matter." After Shen Zheng left, Caters said unhappily, "if that is the case, I'm afraid the soldiers will be extremely dissatisfied. I admit that Shen Zheng has performed outst
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