Chapter 029 Experts of Fire

"This match is only a friendly spar between the officers. You must remember to not go too far." Liang Long stood in the middle of the field and said loudly, "do you all understand?"

"Understood!" Caters sneered. He took off the captain's coat and handed it to his adjutant. "But fists and feet have no eyes. If I get hurt accidentally during the competition, I can only blame myself for my own incompetence. I won't blame Shen Zheng."

"Likewise." Shen Zheng took off his coat and handed it to a personal guard who ran to him.

"In that case, let's begin." Liang Long nodded and turned to leave the arena, arriving at the peripheral war zone.

The surrounding soldiers gradually quietened down. They had never seen a competition between captains before. On one side was a rising legendary genius, and on the other side was a veteran senior officer. In their view, this competition had a lot of value.

Shen Zheng looked straight at Caters. Facing the person who had always wanted to suppress him, he
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