Chapter 036 Challenge

"Next, I would like to introduce a new student to everyone. He is Shen Zheng, troop captain of Wolf Ivory Corps from Wolf Ivory Town in the north."

Standing in front of the lecture hall of Class One, Grade One, Lei Che solemnly introduced Shen Zheng to all the students in his class.

"Wolf Ivory Town?" Some students began to whisper below. "What kind of place is that? Never heard of it."

"Of course not." Someone snickered. "It's just a small town in the north."

"Military rank isn't low," someone said.

"Of no use." The person next to him gave a low humph. "It's just the troop captain of a Town-Ranked corps. I'm afraid his true strength can't even compare to team leaders in our corps."

"Correct, bumpkins from a small place." Someone also laughed.

Although these discussions were soft, Shen Zheng still heard them. He frowned slightly and swept his gaze across the people who were laughing at him.

He'd seen many of these sorts of people. He could see cold stares from them everywhere i
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