Chapter 060 Fighting in the Air to Survive

From the radar of the aircraft plane's bug sound, Chu Tianran and Shen Zheng both saw balls of light.

"What do we do?" The pilot of the plane paled. "I've seen flying bugs attack in the past, but there were too many this time... You know, the equipment on the plane is not as flexible as the ones on the fighter planes..."

"Please have the fighter team launch the attack first." Chu Tianran knew that he had to be calm at this time. "Let's take advantage of this period of time to reduce the altitude as much as possible."

"I suggest you wear the parachute," the pilot said to Chu Tianran as he turned on the communicator.

"Damn it!" Chu Tianran dragged Shen Zheng to the back cabin and put on the parachute with the help of the stewardess. He cursed while wearing it, "I really want to punch myself now!"

"Instructor Chu, we have six fully armed fighter jets." The stewardess put on a parachute for herself, not to comfort Chu Tianran, but to comfort herself.

"That's right, six." Chu Tianran
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