Chapter 099 The Power of the Blood

"Do you think I'll be the one defeated?" Shen Zheng asked with a smile.

"How much do you know about bug controllers?" Dui Fang said, "It has been less than a month since you became a bug controller. During this period, how much has your bug strength improved? Ten points, twenty points, or forty or fifty points? Boy, I have been a bug controller for ten years. Do you know how to calculate the difference between them?"

"What's the saying?" Shen Zheng thought for a moment and clapped his hands. "A wolf is a wolf since birth, and a dog is still a dog after living for a thousand years."

"Kid, I'd wanted to reduce you to the ground after I killed you. Now it looks like it's better to burn your bones to ashes!" A cold killing intent flashed through the person's eyes. He'd obviously been enraged by Shen Zheng.

This was exactly what Shen Zheng wanted.

At this moment, he had completely calmed his mind. His heart was like an ancient well that had not been disturbed for a thousand years, a gl
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