Chapter 201 The Origin of Snowy

About 500 meters away from the northeast wall of the city, there was a rock mountain with short plants. When Shen Zheng's Super Sense swept over the rocky mountain, he unexpectedly found that there seemed to be something wrong with the geographical structure of the lower part of the rock mountain.

As a result, he concentrated his attention there, his reaction force continuously sinking. Then, several hundred meters underground, he discovered a few metal objects that shouldn't belong there, of strange shapes and sizes.

Through the Super Sense probes, Shen Zheng found that those were all technology products instead of natural ones.

There was something strange about this place!

After learning of all of that, he did not leave immediately, instead, he accompanied Xun Qianjue to continue his parade. After the speech, he said a few more words, encouraging the soldiers to continue working hard, striving to become the pride of the Wolf Ivory Corps in the future.

After that, he indicated to
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