Chapter 252 Rare Bug Eggs

The greatest benefit of shopping in the Alliance's floating city was that he did not have to worry about being recognized.

The soldiers of the alliance had entertainment and movies and TV shows were also part of it. However, the news and newspapers of the "underworld" had nothing to do with them. For the alliance, there were several military regions under their jurisdiction. There were dozens of countries under their jurisdiction. They couldn't care less about news, politics or current affairs.

Only high-level figures and special people who paid attention to the surface military region and national movements could know these things from time to time.

Therefore, Shen Zheng, a "star" known to countless people on earth, was unknown here.

But even if no one recognized her, she still attracted countless gazes. The reason was simple — Snowy was too eye-catching.

She was so beautiful that ordinary people could not describe her. Her beauty belonged to the type that would stun people at fi
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