Chapter 274 The Bug Man Invasion

When he heard that Shen Zheng wanted to go back to the Eternal Realm Alliance with him to hunt new bugs, Gu Yunsha was so happy that she didn't know how to describe it.

"That's right!" He said excitedly, "That's right! In this way, your bug strength will be greatly improved once again. When I think that I can make such an important contribution to the improvement of a genius' bug strength, my blood boils!"

"Don't be so happy. Can't you see the grim look on Shen Zheng's face? He's worried." Shui Qingqing, who was standing beside him, couldn't help interrupting.

"What's wrong?" Gu Yunsha finally noticed something wrong with Shen Zheng's gaze.

"Nothing." Shen Zheng shook his head and smiled faintly.

Gu Yunsha was full of doubts, but he didn't ask further.

"Well, no matter what, we'll set off early tomorrow morning and take my plane directly," Gu Yunsha said. "I'll find you at that time."

"Alright." Shen Zheng nodded.

Many thought that Shen Zheng hadn't slept well that night. But o
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