Chapter 298 A New Life in Desperation

After reporting his name, the bug demon Ying Han's attacks became sharper. Tyrannical energy spread throughout his body and his exposed muscles instantly gave off a metallic luster, as if he had already turned into steel.

He punched continuously with his fists, and his arms, which were as strong as steel, carried a powerful force, turning into a huge crocodile's mouth and a scorpion tail. He attacked Snowy with all his strength.

Snowy retreated step by step, a calm look on her face in the face of such immense strength. As she waved her hands, an invisible gravitational force wrapped around her hands, and with a turn of her body, she struck out with both palms, causing the ground beneath Ying Han's feet to shake violently. A huge force caused the air weight to increase dozens of times, and a huge, square-shaped depression appeared in the ground.

Under this tremendous force, Ying Han's body froze and he was smashed into the ground, half-kneeling. But a moment later, he raised his head
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