Chapter 312 One Against Nine

When the five fierce killing moves attacked Shen Zheng at the same time, he didn't defend, and he didn't even summon the terrifying white snake.

He just smiled faintly. At the moment when the killing move was about to reach his body, he suddenly rushed straight to the nearest Bao Jie. When Bao Jie thought that he was going to confront the killing move head-on, so he smashed the two hammers at Shen Zheng together with a roar, a strange scene happened—Shen Zheng rushed over without any resistance, and then like a phantom, he directly passed by the two hammers and Bao Jie's body.

"This?" In his shock, Bao Jie was unable to stop his pair of hammers in time. A massive power erupted forward.

The other four were also shocked as they suddenly lost their target. When their killing moves were about to collide with each other, Qiu Qi shouted in a panic, "Stop! Stop!"

However, it was already too late. Although the five of them quickly contracted their bug strength at the same time, the killing
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