Chapter 323 Snowy, the White Giant

The enormous force was like the enormous palm of a god crashing down viciously, but Shen Zheng was like a small flying bug, completely unable to put up any resistance and crushed to dust beneath this enormous force.

The intense pain made Shen Zheng unable to help but scream. In this scream, his body was really smashed into pieces and turned into millions and millions of fragments.

Along with the breathing of the enormous snake, those fragments were directly sprayed out.

Shen Zheng's consciousness didn't dissipate. He felt as if he had turned into millions of people. Each of them was trembling in front of the great destructive power and was pushed far away by it. Each and every one of them was destroyed by the power and felt endless pain.

Tens of millions of times of pain made him feel as if he couldn't handle it. At this moment, he would rather die than suffer like this.

Nevertheless, he still persevered. Billions of strands of will connected in the sky and came together. A comple
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