Chapter 332 The Real Intention of the Bug man

"Victory! Shen Zheng won!"

Waves of excited roars rang out from the crowd on the ground. The Star Spirits all raised their heads to look at the sky and when they saw the two figures who were fleeing and chasing each other, they could hardly believe their eyes.

"How can he be so powerful?" The Radiance Alliance's He Zhiyuan muttered to himself in astonishment.

"Shen Zheng, you are indeed our legend!" Wen Qinglin of the Iceberg Alliance couldn't hide his excitement. As he roared, he smashed another Black Tortoise Beetle, as if he was so excited that he wanted to use up all his strength.

After killing the two Black Tortoise Beetles, Lu Mo retreated slightly. The assistant council members under him rushed up to meet the ordinary bugs. He raised his head and stared at the sky in an extremely complicated mood.

"Shen Zheng, what kind of person are you? Why do you have such a strong cultivation genius?

"As the one who had connected you to the Star-Moon Alliance, was Shen Ying a blessing
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