Chapter 335 Unfair!

The transport plane flew in the air and gradually approached the border of the Star-Moon Alliance territory.

Under the arrangement of the Star-Moon Alliance, more than 70,000 soldiers of the five alliances got on large transport planes, leaving the territory of the Star-Moon Alliance and heading for their respective alliances.

As a Star Spirit, Shen Zheng's treatment was naturally different. He took a plane with the three assistants of Wen Qinglin and Iceberg Alliance and flew in the middle of the carrier fleet. Looking at the white clouds outside the window and the land below, Shen Zheng felt extremely at ease.

"We're home, we're finally home." One of the assistant council members couldn't help but sigh.

"That's right, no place is better than home." Wen Qinglin also nodded and smiled. "This development had unexpectedly turned into a life and death catastrophe. Sigh... however, after this battle, I believe that the star headquarters of the planet should have also realized the dange
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