Chapter 350 Eating the Word-Flower Fruit and Magic Bean

"I taught them a lesson before I left," Shen Zheng said, "I killed that bastard, Shuang Qianxu."

"That's how it should be!" Ding Yuqing snorted. "And that damned father of his. You'll have to go back and get rid of him too! Who the hell is he? A great Star Master? Bullshit!"

The more she said, the more excited she became. She opened her mouth and started scolding. It took her a long time to calm down, which made Shen Zheng's face a little red.

"Okay, man, that's how you should be." Ding Yuqing patted Shen Zheng on the shoulder. "Miss Snowy has been so... If you really let her down, you shouldn't have done that. Hey, boy, you really have your guts to fight against a planet for a girl. If I had a lover like you, I would die in peace."

Shen Zheng couldn't help blushing. "Ms. Ding, we don't have that kind of relationship..."

"Then are you really heavy-tasted friends with benefits?" Ding Yuqing asked in surprise.

"Ms..." Shen Zheng felt like he was going crazy.

"I'm just kidding!" Di
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