Chapter 354 Persuade

Although Shen Zheng didn't quite understand why that woman could inexplicably make Wu Ximing sleep with her, he could still feel Wu Ximing's brainwave language.

There was not the slightest ripple. It was clear that he was not lying.

"That's easy." He thought for a moment and said, "Because even if you are confused for a while, it's hard for your lover to forgive you in the face of such a thing. But you were framed. After making it clear, Ms. Ding won't blame you, but only hate the guy who played dirty tricks."

"I've always been glad that we landed on this planet," Wu Ximing said. "It's because there are wonderful word-flower fruits here, allowing others to know if the other party is sincere or not. Unfortunately, she has never been willing to listen to my explanation. Every time she sees me, she would shout and fight, so I had no choice. Meanwhile, the natives here worship us like gods, so they couldn't pass on my message, let alone those bugs."

"Understandable." Shen Zheng was als
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