Chapter 434 The White Tiger Claw Was Mine

When the five holy spirits fully materialized, he would become the eighth-level Star Spirit.

Combining the five holy spirits together would allow them to unleash incredible power. Ninth-level Star Spirit, that is, peak Star Spirit. At that level, the growth of one's strength couldn't be calculated like the previous eighth level.

When the five holy spirits merged into one, all forces would truly fuse together and become one!

At this moment, with the cooperation of the Ultimate Holy Medicine and the black tide, he had finally reached the final realm of the Star Spirit. From now on, he was only a thread away from the powerful Star Master. Furthermore, he could also break through his limits at any time and obtain a new opportunity to become a Star Master!

Feeling the surging power in his body, Shen Zheng couldn't help but let out a long cry of joy. In the cry, the black tide around him surged more violently. The black tide connected to Shen Zheng's body through the Black Tortoise Bug c
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