Chapter 435 Shen Zheng Stunning the World!

Xuan Chifeng looked at Shen Zheng as boundless hatred grew in his heart.

"I can't let him live. I absolutely can't let such a fellow live! His future is limitless, and he'll surpass existences like me sooner or later. At that time...

"No, the future of this galaxy belongs to my son! Only he's worthy of being called a genius, and only he's worthy of being valued highly by the Master of this galaxy. No one can seize the glory that belongs to him!"


He turned his head and looked pleadingly at Wen Gangshu, but the latter didn't notice his gaze. At this time, Wen Gangshu's eyes sparkled with excitement. He only looked at Shen Zheng and slowly opened his mouth.

He hoped that the Wen Gangshu would not announce Shen Zheng's victory, but what could he do? The strength and status of the Wen Gangshu were not as good as his, but in any case, it represented the organizing committee of the Martial Arts Contest and was the headquarters of the supreme Star Zone!

"Li Yunhe, you no longer ha
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