Chapter 436 Return and An Even Greater Harvest

It was none other than Wu Ximing. At this moment, this powerful king, who had already been promoted to a fourth-level Star Master, had a cold glint in his eyes. He stared at Xuan Chifeng, who was controlling powerful strength to hurt people. The Holy Spirit Wheel appeared behind him and the two holy spirits, Scarlet Bird and White Tiger, were dancing on it.

"Wu Ximing?" Xuan Chifeng, who was frightened by Little Black's formidable strength to the point of having thoughts of retreating, saw that even though this strength was inferior to his own, it was almost the same as Wu Ximing, and the battle intent in his heart had completely vanished.

"Of course, it's me!" Wu Ximing said coldly. "What? Xuan Chifeng, are you jealous of such a genius on my Paramita Star and intend to kill him?"

"Paramita Star's emperor? He has actually reached the realm of a fourth-level Star Master!" Wen Gangshu breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Wu Ximing. He quickly took out his network eyes and canceled hi
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