Chapter 438 The Headquarters of The Star Zone

After learning about the scarlet spiral, Shen Zheng couldn't think of anything else. His mind was full of the things about the scarlet spiral, constantly imagining what kind of endless treasures would be in the vortex formed by the blood of the holy spirit. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He couldn't help but want to go into the vortex immediately.

After the banquet, those high-ranking and middle-ranking officers left. Everyone returned to the resting hall of the Emperor Palace and sat down in the living room.

"There's still two months left, how do we get through this!" Shen Zheng sighed.

"That's easy." Wu Ximing laughed. "Cultivate! Also, Shen Zheng, you have to concoct a batch of nonpareil bug cores for me. Firstly, it's to help Ms. Ding level up, and secondly... the power of our Paramita Star has to be strengthened as well, right? I alone am not strong enough, but if all the generals on this planet are strong, then that's truly strong!"

"This is easy to
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