Chapter 439 Li Yunhe's True Identity

Wu Ximing walked forward and introduced himself to the soldiers on both sides of the high tower. The cameras on the high tower carefully took a picture of him before the main door slowly opened. An electronic voice sounded, "Welcome, Your Majesty. We have arranged a guide for the ultimate training. Please follow her to the rest area. Your Majesty Wu Ximing, you can rest in the surrounding rest area."

"I cannot go with you." Wu Ximing smiled as he pointed at a beautiful female officer that was waiting in the corridor. "You just need to follow the guide. For emperors like us, unless we get a summons from our chief, we cannot go deep into any of the important departments. I will wait for you to complete your training in the surrounding rest area. Remember what I told you before."

"Don't worry." Shen Zheng nodded and walked inside alone, meeting up with the female officer in the huge corridor.

"Nice to meet you, General Shen Zheng." The female officer smiled politely, but Shen Zheng fel
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