Loving You Is A Risky Game
Loving You Is A Risky Game
Author: Mastaani


“I, Arnold Allirick, reject Daisy as my mate.” He was determined and he was not going to change this at all. He made his decision and he was not going to change his decision at any cost. 

He looked at her face, waiting for her answer as she stayed silent. She was silent because she did not want to hack away. She did not want to back away from this relationship. 

She liked Arnold. He was always good with her. He always respected her. Their relationship was one year old. He found his mate one year ago and did everything to be with her, because she was chosen by the moon goddess. 

She must have seen after and behind the present that is how she has chosen a good mate for him but he was sick of her. Sick of her naive behavior. 

“Daisy…” a soft voice brought her back to reality. She nodded and blinked briefly before saying,

“I,” she breathed and bit on her bottom lip. She is doing what she does not want to. “I, Daisy, re—,” 

“You’re accepting his rejection, not rejecting him, Ayla, think before speaking.” Alpha Caleb gritted his teeth and looked down. The lady, Fiona, Caleb’s wife and Arnold’s mother palmed her husband’s hand, consoling him and he nodded. 

Daisy nodded. She recognised Caleb is angry. He calls her wolf’s name whenever he is angry and wants her to think rationally and clearly. He believes that her wolf is smarter than her, that is why he calls her wolf’s name only. He wants her to come out and make decisions because Ayla is far better than Daisy, in his eyes. 

“I, Daisy, accept Arnold’s rejection in all my senses and w-wish,” she stuttered as her bottom lip quivered. She did not want to leave him but had to. Only because he wanted to. 

“That’s good.” Caleb got up and patted Arnold’s shoulder. “Now we should leave, my son.” He added and then moved to leave that little and cozy room. 

Both of the males left and Fiona then looked at Daisy. She genuinely felt so bad for Daisy. 

The girl truly loved her son. She has seen innocence, purity and generosity in her eyes. She truly cares for Arnold all the time and no doubt she was a nice mate to him but he rejected her after spending a year with her. 

“Daisy…” She called her name and held her shoulder. Her head was lowered and she looked at the floor only. 

Actually, she did not want to show her glossy eyes to anyone. She was on the verge of shedding her tears. 

“I-I’m fine, Luna Fiona,” she mumbled, still looking down and fidgeting with her fingers. 

Not fine. She was weak by now. She felt so weak that if Fiona had left her room, she would have fallen on the floor and started crying loudly. 

But she was holding her emotions because of Fiona’s presence. 

“I know my girl is strong.” Fiona patted her shoulder and smiled before hugging her. She rubbed her back, mumbling, “Don’t lose hope, okay?” 

Daisy squeezed her eyes shut, not letting her tears come out. She wanted to cry and cry until there were no tears left to cry but she was stopping herself. 

“Sure, Luna Fiona,” her voice cracked but somehow she managed to hide the crack. 

Fiona backed away and then patted her cheek before leaving that little room. 

Once she heard the door shut, she bit on her bottom lip and closed her eyes, letting her tears come out. 

Warm tears made their way out of her eyes. They rolled down through her cheek, dangling through her chin. Fat tears started running out in grief when she let a whimper escape her mouth. 

“I didn’t want that.” She looked down and cried her heart out. Of course, she was broken. Broken so badly after this rejection. Her mate rejected her. And that too, after a relationship of one year. 

‘You should’ve listened to him, Daisy. But you didn’t.’ Ayla said from inside. Her words even clenched her heart, making her realize her mistake. 

“But now? Now w-what… what should I do?” She sobbed, palming her tear stained face. Tears completely embraced her small face and burned her vision because of their acidic nature. 

Ayla did not answer her. She was also sick of Daisy. She is stubborn and does not listen to her. She does not even let Ayla complete her suggestions and ignores her. 

Maybe, that is why Caleb called Ayla smarter than Daisy. 

“Daisy is just a… a pathetic human… a useless… a useless human,” she cried, shaking her head. Her loud sobs filled her little silent room, but she did not pay any attention to it. 

She really felt so pathetic at this time. Even with closed eyes, she was able to see Arnold’s face. His face. His handsome face reminded of her state. His words reminded her how pathetic she was. 

He did not say anything but he meant to say that Daisy is a wolf just by her name and birth otherwise she does not know anything about wolves. She does not even know about their powers. 

‘Daisy, don’t replay that memory. It’ll only leave you weak second-by-second.’ Ayla suggested it after a long time. She knew everything happened to her. But that does not mean she is not worthy. 

Just because Caleb said that Daisy is just a pathetic human, does not mean Daisy cannot do anything. 

Caleb, as an alpha, just wanted a powerful and skilled wolf for his son, because his son’s wife would be Luna of their pack, but Daisy could not learn these things in a year so he made his decision. 

He did not want Daisy as his son’s mate but he could object to it. He knew the match was made by the moon goddess, that is why he stayed silent. 

But after some time, his son objected to it. He felt that Daisy would never be able to learn these things. She is a werewolf but she will never be able to use her powers. So he made up his mind and decided to reject his mate. 

He did not say anything to Daisy but Caleb said. 


Hey love! I just wanted to say that I'm really happy you found my story somehow and want to thank you for giving it a shot. I hope you'll like it! 


This whole story is fiction. Everything used in this story is part of my imagination which can hardly be true. In this story I didn't create the names of the characters, the places used, even the dead people with the intention of hurting anyone. 

Neither do I want to hurt any religion or belief in the story. And I respect every faith. 

I truly believe in Jesus and I know the most about that religion, so if I talk about religion anywhere in the story, I will only use the teachings of Christianity. 

I will not give false testimony of my God anywhere through this story. I have said that all this is just a part of my imagination, so do not accept any miracle told in this story as true at all. I do not participate in the sin of perjury, nor do I ensure the participation of anyone. 

Along with this, the names I have used in this story have also been done only after a lot of research. I have chosen these names on the basis of many languages. 

Through this story I just wanted to spread happiness but still if any of my words sting you then I would sincerely apologize! 

I won't reveal my age when I write the story, but I would request you not to explain to me what maturity is. I am familiar with all these things. 

English is not my native language so mistakes can be found in my book. I'm extremely sorry for that. 

Somewhere in this story, you will definitely see the dark characteristics of a dark character, but I do not promote such things through them. 

I am totally against the bad and harsh treatment of men towards women. 

It is a sin in the eyes of God to consider the power of women weak and suppress and crush them, and this is my thinking also. 

Once again, I do not support the harsh treatment of men towards women. 


Loving You Is A Risky Game © MASTAANI.

All rights reserved. This story must not be republished in any form without the consent of the author who's the copyright holder and any infringement of this book is a violation of the law. No parts of this book shall be transmitted or translated in any form. It's under the copyright of the author. 

I've spent hours and had restless nights thinking and writing, just to make sure that you all get the best from me, so please be kind:-)

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