She was still crying. She was weak and all because of the rejection. She wishes she could stop that happening but she had no powers to do it.

She knows she could stop the relationship from breaking but she did not want to force Arnold into this relationship. 

She knew he was sick of it. Sick of that relationship. And that is what made him back away. And by rejecting his rejection, she did not want to lose the respect that was left in him for her. 

‘Love has gone.’ Ayla said from inside and Daisy nodded. “Right.” She breathed and closed her eyes. 

‘How much time you’re going to take? Today’s your college and remember, only because of studies, you’ve lost him.’ 

Daisy kept her eyes closed. She did not bother opening her eyes. She was just exhausted. Completely exhausted. She has spent one day crying. Her tears have not stopped since last evening. 

“You’re being so rude,” she complained, biting her bottom lip and preventing herself from crying but her efforts go in vain every time. 

‘I’m honest.’ 

“You just stay silent. It’s better.” She was annoyed. She did not want to hear her wolf taunting her. She just aims for her wish. 

Daisy was raised up by humans and that is why she only got to learn human values and habits. Her parents were killed by a witch and they gave their daughter to a human couple. That human couple took good care of her and did not even hide that she is a werewolf. 

Although she had felt the wolf inside her many times, she believed only after being told by her parents. That human couple let her know about her identity. 

Her parents were involved in her happiness. Whatever Daisy wished, they also wished. If Daisy wanted to leave them and go back to her pack, they would have no problem. They know that they had no children and that is probably why God sent Daisy to their home. 

Anyway Daisy was never theirs. She was the trust of someone else who is no longer in this world. And taking care of Daisy was their happiness as well as responsibility. 

This was the reason why Daisy was never taught to handle her powers. And this was the reason why Arnold did not want to make her a partner in his life. 

Arnold found her at the age of seventeen. He knew that Daisy was his mate and he also knew that she was handled by a human couple. He was also aware that Daisy had not yet learned to handle her forces. The wolf inside her is clever but Daisy does not let her out. 

Because she is afraid. She fears that if Ayla comes out, it will cause havoc because Daisy does not know how to handle her. And the way Ayla in her, gives her opinion, one can tell that she is not meek but a fighter and angry bird.  

That night also passed by crying like this. Her tears did not stop the whole night. She had spent two days without eating anything. She had become weak because her throat had not even kissed the water. 

She only cared about the pain that Arnold inflicted upon her even though he did not want to. 

The sun rose in the sky and a new day came. She opened her eyes which were very difficult to open. Because her eyes were red with tears as well as swollen. 

Her head twinged as soon as she forced her eyes to open. She looked up, only to meet falling sun rays on her face, entering her ocean blue eyes. 

Her white skin shined under warm sun rays and she closed her eyes once again. She did not want to go out today either. Her plan is to stay home. 

‘What happened?’ Ayla asked her. 

“I don’t want to go out.” She answered, covering her face with her arm. 

‘You mean college?’

“Whatever…” she turned, saving her face from the sun rays, which were directly entering through the window and landing on her bed, on her face—right now. 

‘Lovesick, werewolf!’ Ayla scoffed and Daisy was annoyed by her once again. 

‘You did it for your studies now why are you going away from it? Even Arnold left, what do you want now? There’s nobody between you and your studies. Go and do it!’ 

Daisy shot open her eyes. She gritted her teeth and her nostrils flared for a moment. She was angry but then, tears brimmed her eyes. 


She wiped her tears away and got up from the bed. Ayla succeeded once again. She made her leave for college. 

Taking a bath, she took a white and black colored shirt with a parallel design. She then wore a black skinny jeans. She let her long steel gray hair open because they were wet and took her bag to leave. 

Ayla did not speak to her, because her work was done. She wanted her to go out and move on but Daisy was not ready to do it. 

Ayla knew if Daisy could not get out of it, she would destroy her life so badly. She is weak and not able to find a mate for her. And the reason for which she distanced herself from her forces, if the same reason gets destroyed, then her life will be in vain. At the same time, she was not so strong that she could spend her life alone. Her human parents will not be able to stay with her forever. They are too old anyway. They have less time now. 

When she reached her college, her friend greeted her. She was happy to see her after a day. 

“Where were you, huh?” She asked her, sitting beside her. 

“Ah… I was just sick,” she lied, sighing. Rosalia nodded in understanding.

“Did anything special happen yesterday?” Daisy asked her, wanting to know yesterday’s work. She knew professor Seth won’t wait for a student in his class. 

“Test,” Rosalia sighed and leaned backwards. 

“Oh, how was it?” She knows professor Seth is not going to take her test because it is just a practice test, he holds daily for better preparation. 

“Ah, not too good, not too bad.” 

Daisy just nodded in understanding. She knows Rosalia does not enjoy talking about tests and studies. 

“And he’s on leave today.” Rosalia chuckled humorlessly before looking at Daisy. She nodded once again. 

“And a new student—,” she was about to complete when a voice grabbed their attention. 

Both of them looked into the direction and silence covered the whole atmosphere. They saw a tall guy standing on the door. Looking down at the floor and fisting a book in his hand. 

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