As soon as he grabbed the door knob and pushed the door open, the trash bin which was placed on the door, fell on the floor. The guy was saved before the trash bin could fall on his head as he swiftly moved back before the trash bin could fall on his head. 

Silence covered the whole atmosphere as their plan did not succeed. They wanted to annoy the new student but could not. 

“Oh! He missed it!” Rosalia whispered into Daisy’s ear. Daisy’s widened eyes kept staring at the guy only. He was angry by his looks now. 

Her eyes focused on his face as soon as he looked up at the class. His face and that pair of cloudy gray eyes just caught her attention badly. 

She could not look away from his handsome face. Sharp jaws and his roman nose complimented sharpness to his features and enhanced his handsomeness. 

“Handsome, right?” Rosalia could not help but mention in Daisy’s ear once again. Daisy did not say anything but continued staring at him. 

‘He isn’t a human, I bet.’ Ayla muttered and Daisy squinted her eyes because Ayla was right. She was not feeling his aura like a human but a dead corpse. Even from this distance, she could sense it because of her high quality sensors. 

Rosalia’s lips puckered up as her eyes glinted with amusement. Daisy did not answer her and the way she kept on staring at the tall, bulky and handsome guy, Rosalia thought she was lost in him. No doubt his alluring charms and body can attract anyone. 

She backed away and crossed her arms across her chest, looking at Daisy but then her eyes turned to the guy as soon as his deep and manly rich voice echoed through the classroom, as he said, “Whose plan was that?” 

He was irritated! 

Nobody answered and his gray smokey eyes scanned around the room. He was scanning everybody as if his eyes held a detector.

A frown was edging Daisy’s eyebrows because she was confused what he was going to do but that frown blew away and her eyes broadened slightly when his eyes stopped on her and looked directly into her ocean blue orbs. 

She could not look away after that. The boy’s eyes held Daisy’s eyes as if a storm came together in the sea and created havoc in it. The power that Daisy felt in his eyes, she could hardly have done in the eyes of anyone else. Magical. Deep. And full of devastation. 

‘Who’s he!’ Ayla could not help but mutter. The human body tended to behave like this but not a clever wolf like Ayla. 

Ayla is so smart that no one can stop her the way he stopped Daisy. But for the time being, she was curious to know who this boy is who does not look like a human. 

Soon, he averted his stormy eyes and settled on a boy. He hesitated for a moment but then silently stepped forward, saying, “I did it. Do you have any problems?” 

Daisy sighed. Kim’s way of talking is like an alcoholic, and it is so bad that even a calm person starts getting angry. But Daisy did not make any difference to what was happening between them. 

She did not even care. 

Her eyes monotonously rolled to him and he found a glint in his eyes. They sinned for a moment. As if  the color of his eyes changed for a microsecond. 

And suddenly, Kim started unzipping his denim jeans. 

“What’s he doing?” Rosalia muttered, palming her mouth and soon Kim pulled down his jeans before crouching down and holding his ears. 

Daisy’s eyes widened and she palmed her mouth just like Rosalia. She shook her head and turned it to Rosalia who was watching this all with a keen interest. 

Some of the students could not help but start laughing while the others were confused. No one was able to understand why an insolent student like Kim was doing such acts. 

First he pulled down his jeans, couched down and held his ears and then started pleading, “I’m sorry, master. Please, I kukdoo-koo!” 

Other students also joined the students who were laughing. 

“What did you say?” the boy acted, looking at Kim and raising up his brows in amusement. 

“Sorry, master. I kukroo-koo!” another moment when the students laughed. 

“What’s kukroo-koo?” Rosalia could not help but ask. Daisy rolled her eyes, “As if I know!” she muttered and Rosalia laughed. Shaking her head, she started watching the drama that was playing in the class. 

“It’s okay. You can go,” the boy said, suppressing his lips. He too wanted to laugh but silently made his way towards the desks. 

Kim immediately got up and pulled up his jeans, zipping and tugging the button. His face turned crimson red and he silently sat on his desk, without even eyeing anyone. 

“Please, sir with me, Ahaz.” He looked at the girl. She gave him a pleading look and his eyes squinted. 

“No Ahaz! Please sit with me.” Another girl asked in a loud voice, gaining his attention. 

Two more girls joined and an argument played among them. All of them wanted the new guy named Ahaz wanted to sit with them but it was not possible. 

While Daisy and Rosalia were watching them. 

“Look! How shameless they are!” Rosalia gritted her teeth and rolled her eyes at the same time. 

“Oh, his name is Ahaz,” came Daisy’s casual voice. No excitement was popping out of her voice. It was monotonous like always. 

“Hm... cute, beautiful, amazing, cool and nice, right?” 

Daisy looked in Rosalia’s direction. Her eyes only stare at her while a bold frown is edging her eyebrows. She could not believe it was Rosalia. She never behave this stupidly for any handsome guy. 

“Are you crazy?” Daisy slapped her head but paying no attention to it, Rosalia dashed to the crowd of girls and held Ahaz’s arm, chirping, “No Ahaz! Sit next to me.” 

Other girls glared at her and one of them was about to grasp Rosalia’s hair when Ahaz held her hand softly and said in defeat, “Why are you behaving like this?” 

He shook his head, adding, “Don’t argue with each other. I’ll… I’ll…” he got into thinking what to say. 

Daisy scoffed, rolling her eyes. 

‘He should cut himself into small pieces and then each girl can keep that piece with her.’ Ayla muttered and Daisy chuckled all of a sudden. 

‘Of course! Even Rosa is behaving like a jerk. Anyway, look at the kukdoo-koo boy!’ 

Daisy looked in the direction and he was sitting on his desk. His head is down and maybe he is sniffing. 

“He’s crying.” Daisy told Ayla. 

‘Where is his girlfriend? She should console her baby. Tell her her baby is crying.’ 

Daisy chuckled softly, murmuring, “She’s among the girls.” When she looked at the crowd, it disappeared. All girls were settled on their respective seats but her eyes were searching for Ahaz. 

He was not there. He was not where all the girls needed him. 

‘So the matter is solved.’ Ayla said and she nodded. She sat on her desk and raised her eyes when they met his stormy ones. 

Her breaths hitched the moment she found him staring at her. He smirked seeing her pale face for a moment and his eyes scanned the way she gulped her lump in her throat. 

‘He caught you while you were searching for him.’ Ayla said and Daisy nodded.

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