She came back home after her day in college ended. It was really weird today but she managed it. 

When she reached her home and found the door opened, she frowned. A normal thought visited her mind. Was there any thief inside her home? 

She gulped hard when the thought flashed in her mind. No way! How would she be able to fight the thief then? 

‘You have me, stupid! Just let me come out and I’ll rip their limbs apart!’ Ayla growled and Daisy just nodded her head. She cannot take any risk. If there is any thief then she has Ayla to come out. 

Clutching the strip of her bag, she silently stepped inside. The lights were off and no sound was coming to her ears. 

She was confused. But then she realized thieves do not make sounds. 

She silently put her another step forward and reached the living room. She clutches the door knob, making sure she makes no sound. 

But then she stopped suddenly. 

She smelled that familiar fragrance and frowned when she found it really familiar. 

Opening the door, she yelled, “Mom, Dad!” 

Oh yeah, she was right. Her parents were back after attending their relatives’ wedding. 

“What happened, Daisy? Why did you yell?” Sofia, her human mother looked up at her when she poured the tea into her husband’s cup. 

“Nothing mom, I thought there was a thief inside but then I smelled you.” She replied casually and walked in. She threw the bag on the floor and sat on the couch, next to her father. 

“Oh dad, I missed you so much!” she said and the man smiled at her. Warmly. She missed that warm smile too. 

He put the cup back on the table and hugged her. His wide and old palm caressed her back. She closed her eyes, letting that nostalgic feeling crawl up to her mind and body. She missed that warm touch and soft affectionate caress on her back. 

“Me too, dear.” His deep and low voice echoed through her ear and she smiled. She inhaled that vintage scent of his clothes and smiled, mumbling, “Your smell. I love it, dad.” 

He chuckled and his body vibrated. Both of them pulled away and she got up to hug her mother. 

The same feeling settled inside her chest as soon as she hugged Sofia. She then pulled away and poured some tea into another cup, mumbling, “You must be tired, my child. Have it.” She fetched the cup to Daisy when she settled back on the couch, next to her father. 

“So how was the function?” asked Daisy, sipping her tea. 

“Good. We had fun.” Sofia smiled, mentioning the fun they had. Daisy nodded, “Oh, that’s great.” George, her father, hummed in response, tasting his tea. 

“And what about your meeting with Arnold?” Sofia mentioned as soon as she remembered him. She knew he wanted to meet Daisy but she did not know the reason. 

Sofia’s question was like a pinch on her two days old wound. It was of course unintentionally asked by her, otherwise she is the best mother for Daisy. 

“We…we just broke up,” she said, lowering her head because his memory hit her head so badly. Not a second passed, her eyes brimmed with tears but she looked up, blinking away the tears. 

Both of them did not speak for a moment. 

“He rejected me, mom.” She bit on her bottom lip, preventing herself from bursting into tears but her efforts went in vain. They always go in vain anyway. She cannot stop her tears and end up crying and sobbing. 

“He rejected you?” Sofia held on her shoulder with concern. Daisy nodded, “He doesn’t want me as his mate. He...he wishes someone sharper and…bold who can rule the pack like a real Luna, mom. That’s...that’s why he….” 

George, who was sitting on her right side, could not see her bursting into tears and pulled in his arms. His hands caress on her back while he comforts her, “It’s okay, Daisy. Calm down.” 

“B-but dad, I like him.” She confessed, clutching the fabric tightly between her sobs. 

Sofia’s eyes welled up with tears. She glanced at George. He too looked so helpless right now. He always gave her what she desired but at this time, it was a helpless situation. He cannot make Arnold like her the way she likes him. 

“Calm down, child. It’s his misfortune that he couldn’t think wisely.” Sofia rubbed her back. 

“Yeah, otherwise my daughter is a diamond and only a true gemologist can find her worth.” 

She sniffed but could not stop her cries. They were trying their best and it was even working on her. Their words, their touch and their care towards her. 

After some minutes, she stopped crying but did not pull away. She stayed in his arms, not wanting to pull away and George even let her stay like that. 

Sofia also kept caressing her back until her sobs stopped. Once they were sure, she was fine, Sofia called out her name softly and she hummed in response. 

“What do you want to eat today?” asked Sofia. “Something made up of eggs.” She replied with no pause but her voice came hoarsely low. 

“Oh that’s great!” answered George. He turned to Sofia with that excited look, uttering, “Right?” 

“But we don’t have eggs. Have to buy them.” Daisy replied, pulling away and wiping her tear-stained face. 

Her nose turned pink and the pinkish glow of her cheeks even increased by crying for a long time. 

“Hm. I’ll go then,” Sofia got up but Daisy held her wrist, stopping her, “No mom, I want to go out. I’ll buy it.” 

George and Sofia glanced at each other. They knew it would be good for her if she goes out. Her mind would be distracted easily and she would find peace. 

“Sure.” Both of them agreed in unison. They passed her a warm and beautiful smile. She smiled back and got up to leave. 

Reaching her room, she just washed her face and came out after wiping the water off her face. 

Taking the money, she left for the shop. It was evening and the sun had already set. But going out in darkness is her habit also, she doesn’t fear anything when she has Ayla with her. 

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